Day 3 Jean Monnet Chair SAMPLEU Workshop – 10 May 2018

The third and the last day of the Workshop on “Small Area Methods and living conditions indicators in European poverty studies in the era of data deluge and Big data” was opened by a Keynote of Prof. Luigi Biggeri, Emeritus Professor of University of Florence. He stressed the importance of  local purchasing power parities in order to correctly compare the poverty indicators and he presented the main methods in order to compute sub-national spatial price indexes and the challenges of using big data. The third day of the Workshop hosted a session about the actual results and the future plan of the Project Makswell. During the final panel discussion the participants came to the conclusion that in the era of Big data new challenges have arisen in the study of poverty and living conditions at local level with Small Area Estimation Methods and there is the need to work together to face them.


Keynote 3 Session: The computation of subnational spatial price indexes for the study and monitoring of inequalities at a local level in the era of big data

Speaker: Luigi Biggeri (Univ. of Florence/Centre Dagum) Download the presentation
Chair: Maurizio Franzini (University of Rome 1)


Makswell Session: Makswell actual results and plan for the future, reflection on the research themes for FP9

Makswell plans and results – Chair: Maria Pia Sorvillo (Istat)
The project Makswell (actual results and plan for the future)
Speakers: Fabio Bacchini (Istat) Download the presentation
Project Makswell and reflection on the research themes for FP9
Speaker: Tommaso Rondinella (Istat) Download the presentation


Table 5: Discussion on Project Makswell and reflection on the research themes for FP9

Brainstorming session – Chair: Fabio Bacchini (Istat)
Carrie Exton (Oecd) Download the presentation
Recommendations from Chairs of Tables 1-4


Final Panel discussion and closing

Chair: Luca Gaballo (Rainews24)
Maria Pia Sorvillo (Istat)
Espen Beer Prydz (World Bank)
Joao Pedro Wagner De Azevedo (World Bank)
Carrie Exton (Oecd)
Maurizio Franzini (Rome University La Sapienza)
Marcin Szymkowiak (Statistical Office in Poznan and Poznan University Economics and Business) Download the presentation
Paolo Ghezzi (Direttore Generale InfoCamere)
Monica Pratesi (Unipi/Dagum)

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