Day 2 Jean Monnet Chair SAMPLEU Workshop – 9 May 2018

The second day of the Workshop on “Small Area Methods and living conditions indicators in European poverty studies in the era of data deluge and Big data” was opened by a Keynote of Prof. Partha Lahiri of the Unviersity of Mayland. He presented Small Area Estimation Methods in order to produce official data for policy making. The aim of the first Table of the second day (Table 3) was to give insight into the use of new and traditional data sources for local indicators and in particular the three panelists focused on big data and their possible use in the context of small area estimation. Table 4 led participants to reflect on the statistical quality of small area estimates. In the Contributed Paper Session five speakers presented both applied and methodological works in the context of small area estimation. Poster session concluded the second day of the Workshop.


Keynote 2 Session: SAE methods in official data production for policy making, are they used? 

Speaker: Partha Lahiri (University of Maryland) Download the presentation
Chair: Ralf Muennich (University of Trier)

Table 3: New and traditional data sources for local indicators –reconciling small areas and big data?

Chair: Natalie Shlomo (University of Manchester)
Dario Buono (Eurostat) Download the presentation
Caterina Giusti (University of Pisa) Download the presentation
Marco Puts (Statistics Netherland)

Table 4: Statistical quality of small area estimates – internal and external validation of the estimates?

Chair: Risto Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)

Lola Ugarte (Public University of Navarra) Download the presentation
Francesca Gagliardi (University of Siena) Download the presentation
Tomasz Klimanek (Statistical Office Poland) Download the presentation

Contributed papers session

Chair: Mariola Chrzanowska (Warsaw University of Life Science)
Discussant: Nina Drejerska (Warsaw University of Life Science) Download the presentation
Contributions by:
Saverio Pertosa (UNIPI), Linda Porciani (ISTAT), Monica Pratesi (UNIPI/DAGUM) Download the presentation
Daniela Cocchi, Francesco Giovinazzi (UNIBO) Download the presentation
Gianni Dugheri (Comune di Firenze), Laurea Grassini, Alessandra Petrucci Giorgio Cecchi (UNIFI/DAGUM) Download the presentation
Angelo Moretti (Univ. of Manchester/Univ. of Sheffield), Natalie Shlomo (Univ. of Manchester), Joseph Sakshaug (Institute for Employment Research) Download the presentation
Francesco Schirripa Spagnolo (UNIPI/UNIPARTHENOPE), Antonella D’Agostino (UNIPARTHENOPE/DAGUM), Nicola Salvati (UNIPI/DAGUM) Download the presentation

Poster session

Chair: Gaia Bertarelli (University of Pisa)
Contributions by:
Tommaso Crescioli, Marco Rispoli, Anna Mergoni (MSc – Economics – Univ. of Pisa) Download the poster

Christopher Galgo, Anna Stampa, Tam Nguyen Thi Thanh, Ronald Kiduma Wankya (MSc – Rural Development Programme – Ghent University) Download the poster

Tural Ahmadov, Merve Celimli (MSc – Economics – Univ. of Pisa) Download the poster

Phuong Hoang Vu, Zobaer Ahmed, Sanghyun Jeon, Khanh Lam Duy, Nathaline Onek Aparo, Ishimwe Aline (Incoming Erasmus student) Download the poster


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