Day 1 Jean Monnet Chair SAMPLEU Workshop – 8 May 2018

The first day of the Workshop on “Small Area Methods and living conditions indicators in European poverty studies in the era of data deluge and Big data” was opened by a Keynote of Dr. Joao Pedro Wagner de Azevedo, Lead Economist World Bank. He focused on the increasing need to obtain poverty indicators for small sub-national areas and the policy relevance of small area estimates. The first Table of the Workshop led participants to reflect on the estimation of poverty at the local level, mainly from a methodological point of view. The Table 2 was focused on multidimensionality of poverty and well-being and the challenges of reducing dimension in order to analyze these phenomena at local level and in the context of Big data. The final session of the first day was the Panel Discussion where policy makers explained the potential and effective use of data at local scale for policy address.

Opening and Welcome

Keynote 1 Session: European poverty studies at local level 

Speaker: Joao Pedro Wagner De Azevedo (World Bank) Download the presentation
Chair: Monica Pratesi (University of Pisa)

Table 1: Monitoring poverty at a local level – why is it important?

Chair: Daniela Ghio (JRC-Ispra) Download the presentation
Espeen Beer Pryz (World Bank) Download the presentation
Tiziana Laureti (University of Tuscia) Download the presentation
Monica Pratesi (University of Pisa) Download the presentation

Table 2:  Multidimensional poverty at a local level – how to synthetize the dimensions?

Chair: Achille Lemmi (Centre Dagum) Download the presentation
Vincenzo Mauro (University of Pisa) Download the presentation
Matteo Mazziotta (Istat) Download the presentation
Vijay Verma (Centre Dagum) Download the presentation

Panel discussion: Small scale, big dimensions: sustainable development and innovation at local level

Chair: Tommaso Rondinella (ISTAT)
Letizia Ravagli (Irpet) Download the presentation
Paolo Prosperini (CTAI Strategia Nazionale Aree) Download the presentation
Gabriele Tomei (Assessore welfare Viareggio)
Daniela Toccafondi (Assessore alla semplificazione e alle politiche economiche e per il lavoro Prato) Download the presentation

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